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Wrap Up on Nutrition

The 3/4 grade students at St. George Elementary recently had their end of year rotations to not only spend time together but to wrap up their end of the year  units.  The kids learned about summer safety, wrote thank you cards to a local farm they visited, play, "How well do you know" quizzing them on how well they know their classmates, yearbook signing, and nutrition.  

The nutrition station was making fruit smoothies which included the fruit, vegetable and dairy group.  They were also taught how you can incorporate the grains group and protein group into smoothie to get a balanced meal each morning.  In nutrition class students learned the benefits of many different kinds of foods and how they can provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to keep you from getting sick, grow, be strong, and feel energized.  

The foods were purchased through a grant from Kansas Team Nutrition.  The grant was rewarded to St. George for kindergarten through fourth graders to implement a nutrition program to help kids through their logo, "Eat Smart, Play Hard, Learn Better."  It promotes trying new foods, learn how to balance meals, get at least 60 minutes of exercise daily, and make healthy eating choices for themselves.  St. George also put on a Fall, Family, Fun, Food, and Fitness night through an additional grant from Kansas Team Nutrition.  Mrs. Gehrt and Mrs. Scott have some of the kids making healthier choices and have learned the kids are taking their knowledge home and implementing some healthier choices at home as well.  Parents have commented how their have changed a few of their eating habits from their kids being persuasive at home to shop differently such as selecting 100% whole wheat products some of the time and eating more fruits and vegetables especially at snack and drink time rather than reaching for sugary snack choices.  They have learned to balance their food choices as well as get plenty of exercise daily. Many of the classrooms have also implemented brain breaks for kids to get exercise and get up and move when they have been sitting for long periods of time.

The students have enjoyed the nutrition unit and learning the My Plate model.  St. George Elementary plans on continuing the program each year.